Jorge Tárrago+Rubén Alcolea

The proposal responds to the protection of the remains, to its enhancement and incorporates several spaces for its dissemination and enjoyment.

The generation of an enclosure with clear geometry, on the perimeter, allows a serene dialogue with an urban context that is often fragmented and changing.

Not only does it contain and release as much space as possible, but, taking advantage of the topography, it generates new accessible routes, a sequence of moments to observe the remains from both elevated and nearby positions.

The void existing in the different periods is recovered, respecting the archaeological elements that are incorporated into the square in a natural way.


Authors: Jorge Tárrago+Rubén Alcolea (AlcoleaTarrago)
Location: Málaga, España.
Year: 2020
Competition: Ideas competition for the execution of public space in the area of ​​Plaza de la Constitución de Cártama, Málaga.
Prize: Honorable mention.