Do buro

Is a mobile infrastructure facility that can be used by visitors of the music festival . It serves as a mobile shelter and is arranged on the principle of a palanquin or a portmanteau. Seda,

Genius loci,

Grisha Tsebrenko+Anton Arkhipov

The participants of the architectural competition were asked to create/demonstrate/formalize/discover/invent a Genius Loci for a (at first glance, unremarkable) site on the banks of the Kan River.. Genius loci,

Borde urbano,

Jorge Morales Ahués

The proposal is framed within the theme of pavilions as an exhibition format for universal expositions and derives its focus from the relationship that exists between the deployment of these large buildings and the context in which they are located. Borde urbano,


Treivas Architecture Bureau

A project proposal of refurbishment of a historical building in Suzdal into a gallery and culture centre. K11,


Andrea Leal Santillan

This project consists of short-term shelters to host scientists, researchers, photographers, environmental specialists, or any nature enthusiast during the busiest season of migration and breeding of birds. Contemplar,


Eric Abadias+Isabel Perez

One backbone. Two gardens. Three spines. The backbone, a common space that connects the spines, where all the dorms are located. CAN70,

Aarre Laatikko,

Vito Distante+Alessandro Ghizzani+Fiamma Leoncini+Francesco Martella

The building for the new Sara Hildén Art Museum fits into the context of the former Finlayson factory with the desire to be a usual presence though it denounces that it is the last piece of the urban history of the neighborhood. Aarre Laatikko,


José Daniel Picado-García

More than a description of the project, this text corresponds to a highly condensed series of annotations that refer to the conceptualization and design process of this architectural proposal. Untitled_R-PG,


Ezequiel González+Elías Siri

It carries a very strong symbology about the nomadic, a way of life that has been part of the history of humanity since time immemorial, which, transferred to funerary architecture, poses an alternative perspective of death and the way it is faced. Monumenta,

Fuera del mapa,

Pablo Toribio

The project, an archive of the memory of the landscape, was born with a double purpose: to recover and store the vestiges of the construction of this monumental infrastructure; and to display them. Fuera del mapa,



In this intervention, the existing state is interpreted without any ethical judgments, duality is recognized as a significant quality, an important part of the mysterious and attractive atmosphere of the place. Marginalis,

Adaptable form,

Marta Balea+David Cuadrada+Pol Garcia

By studying the way ruled surfaces are made, we came up with a formwork made of wood sections that would allow us to construct a finite number of concrete pieces to create a space. Adaptable form,

Metal era,

Vera Vakula+Temirbulat Abezivanov

Housing is a reflection of the structure of a society. An alternative future scenario is modeled which is the fourth paradigm shift in the pre-industrial, industrial and post-industrial world order series. Metal era,

Deyna center,

Apparatus Architecture

Following the results of the conducted analytical and research part of the project, we have created a building concept that not only responds to the functionality assumptions, but also contributes to improving the quality of life of its residents. Deyna center,


Leone Nicolis di Robilant+Anna Pasquetto

Understanding the nature of this site and how to coexist with its narrow spaces has been a key task in arriving at its morphological form. Shul,

Eko azala,

Filo Arquitectos

The new volume located on the plot adjoining the “Iturritxo” building is aligned with it on the north side, creating a previous space for access to the building, where the car park is located. Eko azala,


Claudio C. Araya+Nada Asadullah+Laura Catra

From the strategies of the OASIS, and the archetypes of the SOUK and SAHN, a hybrid system is developed, both user-focused and environmentally sustainable. Wahat,

Quilombola housing,

Rafael Lamary+Tiago Brito+Rafael Letizio+Tiago Brandão+Marcos Woelz+Déborah Sandes

The Quilombola housing project proposed here develops from the creation of a central axis that organizes the space, where there is no distinction between the front and back of the building, thus guaranteeing the enjoyment between the built space and the natural environment where it is inserted and also the symbolic identity of these spaces with the Quilombola community. Quilombola housing,


Noemí Díaz Pérez

Invernáculo” is a midsummer night’s dream that anyone could have. “Invernáculo” is a project that generates a greenhouse that fulfills the basic functions of the room that we often forget where to enjoy, rest, relax and let go. Invernáculo,

El Artefacto,

Muñoz & Rausell Arquitectos

Object made up of a set of parts and manufactured for a specific purpose, especially that which does not constitute a defined machine, apparatus or device.” El Artefacto,

Big building,

Marcin Stępien

The main purpose of the project was to combine the vertical farming usage with apartment tower and other side uses. One of the themes of the project is complexity and overlapping functions that give the building its appearance. Big building,

La Marinella,

MS Studio (Mathilde Gudefin+Salomé Wackernagel)

Our project offers a design alternative within this program, respecting its original structure and using innovative materials from contemporary sustainable marine design. La Marinella,


Vito Distante(distantestudio)+Tommaso Mandorino+Antonio Trifone(June Architects)

The new building is composed of three buildings of different heights to adapt to the surroundings and to distribute the different functions in a more rational way. Drapery,

Working gardens,

Dividual Office (Andrea Bit+Maciej Wieczorkowski)

Is a speculative project, proposing transforming a collection of partially vacant, monofunctional office areas scattered in the Randstad metropolitan area into a network of multifunctional productive campuses. Working gardens,


Sebastián Vergara Browne+Rosario Rio Acevedo

The OmniDomus Project was part of a workshop called “Vacancy in Height” taught by professors and architects Alejandro Beals and Loreto Lyon. OmniDomus,


Manuel Cortés+Miguel García+Isabel Ledesma+Jacobo Murillo

Eccentric abandons the idea of being an object. The pavilion is not the focus of the square, it focuses it. In that sense, a light boundary redefines public space. exCéntrico,


David Hernández-Cornejo

The exile of the silos and their new transmutation is just the beginning, the process of the coastal deindustrialization of Lisbon begins here. Ex-Silo,

Inhabited stone,

Atelier Volpe

The project “Living in a stone” began with a questioning around the relationship between stone and living. This question “how to inhabit the stone”, has gradually turned into “can we inhabit a stone? Inhabited stone,

Bonsai Pavilion,

Eric Martos+Marc Morillas+Laura Vericat

Due to the peculiarity of the environment in which we find ourselves, we understand that this pavilion must unfold along the garden itself, sometimes embracing it and other times denying it, sometimes erasing the boundary between them and seeking to complement each other. Bonsai Pavilion,


Pablo Fuertes González

The intervention proposes redesigning and reimagining the Omuli Elementary School, a historic building in the North Latvian Biosphere Reserve, transforming it into a museum to educate visitors about the nature and history of local horse breeds. Metamorphosis,


Sílvia Prujà+Miquel Pérez+Eric Moya

La luz ha impactado en el paisaje de La Garrotxa que, movido por su presencia, ha materializado un ascenso físico literal, la gravedad es superada por la fuerza de la luz, dando lugar a un nuevo espacio de encuentro. Tèmenos,

#03 , Attraction Hotel

Antoni Gaudí , 1908

When the New Continent called Gaudí”, a series of drawings made by the master and recreated by himself under his supervision that described this ambitious skyscraper, a new figure that unfortunately never became part of the Manhattan skyline.

#03 , Attraction Hotel

The Gateway,

SP architecture workshop

Our aim is to contemplate the environment from a different point of view and to transform an unusual site into a thriving destination, drawing unexpected connections towards, around and beyond the space. The Gateway,

Light walkway,

Leandro Sbarra+Juan Pablo Porco+Emmanuel Santillan

Visitors are challenged to consider the meaning of a chapel not only as an architectural building or as a religious symbol, but as a structure capable of considering the different acts of faith and turning it into an overcoming spatial experience.
Light walkway,

Happier homes,

André Goyvaerts

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, our homes and neighborhoods have come under intense scrutiny. This thesis discusses the ways in which we can review the standard of wellbeing within residential design using scientific, evidence-based approaches to human health. Happier homes,

The Great Scape,

Paco Alfaro Anguita

A proposal that focuses on water as a resource to escape from daily life. Not only in the humanistic sense of escaping from the vicissitudes of living, but also from a physical escape, to another place, outside the urban setting. The Great Scape,


Claudio C. Araya+Natalia Kogia+Iga Majorek+Maria Valese

Thoughtful, adventurous and restless; these were few of the words chosen by people close when they were asked to describe him. Bivacco,

El Aleph,

Manuel Cucurell+Bruno Degiorgio+Tomas Fonturbel+Emanuel Mancini

Contrary to what we are used to thinking, moments of crisis are an extremely productive instance, as they allow us to let go of certainties and enter the realm of questions and reflections. The act of reflecting makes it possible to achieve a change in the way of looking, thus making it possible to search for new questions, new arguments, new meanings.

El Aleph,

EMSD Cerro,

Federico Borges+Gonzalo Camargo

The proposed project reveals itself as a landmark in the singular landscape. In relation to the nature of the public space to which the building is subjected and the changes that occur in the environment over time, a variable program is proposed.

EMSD Cerro,

Democratic gallery,

Dongil Kim+Seongchan Jang+Sungjune Hwang

We decided to make the gallery have a democratic characteristic, which is opposed to elitism and low accessibility of conventional gallery. Inspired by pointillism, which is a kind of artistic method, we recognize a point as an individual art world and also a place for conversation with the author. The gap between the individual points which the gallery consists of induces unconstrained flow and inflow of the audience. Democratic gallery,

A theatre for the park,

Sossio De Vita+Giuseppe Parisi+M° Beniamino Servino

The theater is built in a taxonomic way, so that each part that constitutes it is easily identifiable for its function. The functions are distributed smoothly so as not to create accessibility problems and to make escapes easy in an emergency. A theatre for the park,


AMArchitectrue (Stefania Agostini+Luca Mostarda)

Our project for the Hill of Art provides an unexpected scenario to an already rich and various context of history and pre-existences. Cipria,

#01, The Illinois

Frank Lloyd Wright , 1956

One of the best architects in history, Frank Lloyd Wright, sets a new milestone in the development of tall buildings, The Illinois, a proposal for a skyscraper that would reach the height of one mile (1.6 km).

#01, The Illinois


Yan Wai Chun

Population growth and an ongoing run on the metropolis present cities with new challenges. One result is the homogenization of uses and the displacement of certain groups to the outskirts. Our previous understanding of space as property, our resources must be questioned and to be used meaningfully. Sharing models such as co-working and co-living are solutions, but they usually require restrictions on the absolute space requirements of the individual.


From the city to detail,

Germán Bosch Domingo

The final degree project has been interpreted as a manifesto of everything that has been collected and learned throughout the university process. It is, also, a first roll of the dice of how each one understands architecture and, in a certain way, of how to focus on the future: how to treat the project on many scales, how to draw it and how to solve it within the limits of the educational field.

From the city to detail,

Logistics Hub,

Marcel Xalabarder+Xuan Yin

The regeneration of the coastal area of Barcelona and its metropolitan area has been one of the most paradigmatic recent urban transformations. The recovery of the maritime space has had an impact on the fitting out of the beaches and the construction of a new seafront, but it has also been notable in the improvement of the innermost urban fabrics.

Logistics Hub,

The Thin Thing,

AFAB(Aitor Frías+Joaquin Perailes)+Montse Solano

Is a line with a special geometry. It is a pavilion capable of adapting to the Largo de São João square in a particular way, and generating all new ways of walking and inhabiting it. It is a pavilion with a tower from the square, and a lighthouse from the city. The Thin Thing,



A Circle, at all times, is equal only to itself; it is the perfect symbol of equality. No body possesses, as it does, this exceptional quality: that each of its facets is equal to all the others.” Gloriette,

Jardin d’eveil,

Semper Vera (Elias Vogel+Duc Truong)

The existing school with its strong presence with a massive white rock base and an attic carefully designed in “Hauterive” stone is part of the heritage and history of Neuchâtel. One of the main challenges is to showcase it and increase its visibility. Jardin d’eveil,


Adam Fernandez

In Persian literal translation: bâd « wind »+gir « catch » is a traditional element of Persian architecture used from centuries to create natural ventilation and to refresh inside the buildings Badgir,

Hidden Landscapes,

Alejandro Vargas+Iojann Restrepo+Daniel Zuluaga

This research project aims to understand the relationship between telecommunication infrastructures and territory. We understand that contemporary life has caused the proliferation of these artifacts across cities, which provoke both physical and mental ruptures that become a series of fragments that escape urban planning.

Hidden Landscapes,

Weaving factory and vocational school,

Fanny Stevens+Stéphane Montbel

There are only two factories of this type in France at the moment, this third would be for Maurs the opportunity to welcome new artisans and students who will find a boarding school associated with the lycée. This multiplicity of programs will be the means to expand Tissage Morin but will also give a real added value to this municipality specialized in the cultivation of flax.

Weaving factory and vocational school,

Eastleigh: Formal and informal city,

Antonella Patetta

Between the late 1980s and early 1990s, hundreds of thousands of people left Somalia because of a growingly unstable political situation. A significant portion of them moved to Eastleigh and brought major demographic and economic changes to the city, thus turning Nairobi’s Little Mogadishu into an Islamic business hub that to this day attracts buyers and investors from all over the world.

Eastleigh: Formal and informal city,

Around the sun,

Ana Lahoz Navarro+Sandra S. Marco

Embraced by an Ebro meander, in front of the almost infinite rhythmic landscape drawn by the vineyards of Viña Lanciano, at the vanishing point of the ruins of the Mantible bridge (II BC), a stop along the way opens up to walkers. Around the sun,

Between The Gap,

Alejandro Moreno Guerrero

The Grjótagjá caves in nothern Iceland are home to some of the most beautiful geothermal pools in the world, unfortunately, excessive tourism is damaging the natural sorroundings of this delicate region is not the exception. Between The Gap,

Reading between the ribs,

Aina Roca Mora+Robert Comas Miralpeix

The project is understood as an oportunity of consolidating the useless space near the Collodi’s river. As an element of conection -visual and real- the library is located in the edge of the existing paper factory riverside and looks towards the via Benvenuto Pasquinelli -the main Collodi road- and the Parco di Pinocchio. Reading between the ribs,


Martynas Degutis+Justus Würtenberger+Michael Samson

While discovering the partly dangerous caves, extraordinary spatial atmospheres can be experienced. The main goal is to transfer the identity of the caves into architecture. Klamm,


Daniele Russo+Josephine Saponaro

The project is part of a large masterplan at the urban scale, which concerns the northern part of Milan and involves a forestation process that builds relationships within a fragmented fabric.


Outside In,

Douglas Lee+Yee Foo Lai+Xiaokang Feng

The proposal is a living prototype that can potentially affect positive change to our environment. It is a remote living hut sited in Cambodia. Outside In,


Claudio C. Araya+Yahya Abdullah+Chenhao Ma+Yutan Sun

A train station for Xi’an can be piece of stone, like a brick pulled from out of the city walls. A building of no time period may converse with the dynasties of the past and the citizens of the present. Menhir,


Jorge Tárrago+Rubén Alcolea

The proposal responds to the protection of the remains, to its enhancement and incorporates several spaces for its dissemination and enjoyment.


Navigable promenade,

Ángel Rubio Sanchez

This place is considered a sanctuary dedicated to the God of the Sun. Throughout the island there are some trails that run from north to south their places, the intervention proposes an extension of these trails, a walk that enters the lake, as if from same lake involved.

Navigable promenade,

Growing Curiosity,

Javier Martin de la Fuente+Jan-Niklas Klein

Beyond trying to improve an obsolete educational system, the intention of the proposal is to question the educational structure itself. For this, three fundamental principles are proposed that will guide the new idea of ​​education: Curiosity, Creativity, and Interhuman Connection.

Growing Curiosity,


Natalia Kotova (La Papiro)

Melbourne is the city of contrasts with distinguished self-expression culture. Beyond the classical victorian style and new futuristic implantations, people’s creativity with their homes is the real and unique tradition.


Allen Bus Terminal,

Iñaki Harosteguy+Gianfranco Francioni+Isidro Garcerón+Luciana Lembo+Tomas Guerrini+Jeronimo Bailat

The new Allen terminal constitutes a fragment of the city in itself, a neuralgic point that intends to mediate between a complex system of relations and movements, an urban fabric still in development and an extensive productive area with isolated industrial buildings that dialogue remotely through of its typology and tectonics. Allen Bus Terminal,


Doble Taller Studio (Roberto González Calderón+Emilio Padilla)

The project involves the solution of an ecumenical chapel, inspired by the lyrics of Alfredo Silva Estrada, the proposal seeks to contain the mystery of the sacred and remain discreet on the highest point of the hill in Isla del Sol, Bolivia.


Main Square in Jaca,

Adrián Martínez(MAAV)+Pablo Sequero

A contemporary main square should respond to a system scale, which relates it to the other public spaces of the city and to a sub-system scale, which seeks to give answers to the sum of programs and activities to which a current square should respond. .

Main Square in Jaca,


Javier Roig Iglesias

The intention of the project was always marked by a specific moment that was repeated a lot inside the building when we made the visit. That moment was how the vegetation, with the passage of time, was eating the building little by little and was gaining ground.


Frozen Music,

Ramos Alderete

There could be nothing more beautiful than a palace of music to crown the city of Vilnius. Like a musical instrument it is located at the top of Taura Hill to expand music throughout the city, making it vivid.

Frozen Music,

Elastic Space,

Studio Traccia

The project promotes a new way of living, where the coexistence of public and private spaces blending between urban areas and rural parks, tries to inject new life, not by erasing the character of the area, but by building upon it.

Elastic Space,

Water house,

Germán Rodríguez+Emilio Farias+Salvador Ferreyra+Santiago Ghione+Franco Pozzi

The proposal focuses on three axes: The collective experience – which defines scale -, architecture as infrastructure – which contributes to ecology – and the constitution of a memorial of the present – which builds a new nature and challenges its visitors.

Water house,


Anna Castellà+Alberto Espinosa+César Jiménez+Patricia Parra+Uma Fernández

The proposal seeks to turn the crossing into an outdoor island garden. A combination of the heterogeneous domesticity of the interior spaces of the island with the intense flows of the street.


160 dwellings,

Sandra Juan+Antoni Garcés

The duality of the construction and the void is what structures the city and it is the value of the empty spaces that gives meaning to architecture. The ability of the system to create emptiness, to create transitions, visuals, spaces; makes it the ideal method to search for a lace of the cores in the place.

160 dwellings,


Mario Mimoso

Earth faces a plethora of complex and interconnected problems: pollution, global warming, overpopulation, depletion of natural resources, climate change, deforestation, ocean acidification, and many more. Even if we could stop all problems at once, this planet has some wounds that will be difficult to heal. In the end, we may have to go somewhere else.


Arctic Circle,

OCA Architects in collaboration with Eric Moya+Miquel Pérez

Coziness Valley Public Park Area Development Project, Murmansk, Russia. International architecture and urban design competition for the construction of the largest urban park in the Arctic Circle.

Arctic Circle,

Unbuiltarch, a space that gives the floor to students and professionals to bring to light their unbuilt projects..

Inhabit the staircase,

Laura Bravo+Silvia Prujà

¿Can you live on a ladder? A ladder as a way of life. A ladder on all scales. A ladder that manages to unite people while generating life around them. The terms comfort and unevenness seem to be contradictory, but in the project they merge to create a more interrelated and more human lifestyle.

Inhabit the staircase,