Sven Grothues+Almar de Ruiter

Urban Repair was a semester project with innovative ideas that made a tangible contribution to the current discussion on the urban development of Bremerhaven.


Michela Romano+Massimo Dicecca+Marcella Claps+Emanuele Varasi+Anastasia Barasheva+Gianpiero Zaccaria

International planning competition for the development of Linnianemi area comprising Turku Castle, its surroundings and the western bank of the mouth of the Aura River.. WOAH!,

I think i spider,

Hai Tom Nguyen

¿What if we put aside the institutional curation of archives and instead archive in a “laissez faire”-way? The project envisages a hybrid archive that makes both physical and digital archive spaces available to the public. It enables Deptford to archive seemingly “out of place” objects, but also to store memories and stories that cannot be physically preserved. I think i spider,


Jan Álvarez+Mariona Roura

The work shows, based on the architectural element of La Poua, how ice was produced and consumed before humans learned to produce it artificially. Frozen!,

Structure A,

Ziv YANG Zihan

The structure’s standardized construction of random focuses on the study of the reflective properties of metal, and the steel cables will split the reflections out of the flat natural image, shaping a picturesque landscape from a deconstructionist perspective. Structure A,


Garbizu Collar Architecture+KRI+Diego Sologuren

Hyper-txonta is a model for the regeneration of industrial heritage in the Basque Country through the implementation of a catalog of possible solutions. Hyper-txonta,


Berrel Kräutler Architekten AG+Charles Wülser

The new glittering monolithic museum is placed at the most southerly spot of the site and reaches out into Lake Geneva to create a contrast with the darkness of the water. Ying-Yang,

The impact,

Carlos Góndola+David Young+Gabriel Atencio+José Delgado

This museum invites visitors to explore the inside of a rock, which symbolizes the solidity and longevity of nature, but also its fragility and vulnerability to human action. The impact,


Patina Arkitekter+Aske Hartje Jakobsen

Sports hall and community space for a new part of Copenhagen, located in the former railway area. HAL.M,

High perched,

Amélie Besvel

Located in the heart of Tuscany, this farm shed is now completely unoccupied. At a time when our world is experiencing an unprecedented housing crisis, this architectural corpse represents a rich potential for the social issues of tomorrow. High perched,


MOCA estudio

The project organizes its urbanization around two forceful axes and perpendicular to each other. These axes articulate and connect all the pre-existing and condition the distribution of future developments. Encrucillada,


LMO Architectes

The project proposes a landscaped and architectural walk to discover, over the steps, the fossilized traces of majestic former inhabitants of our beloved planet earth: the dinosaurs. Dinoplagne,

Yellow Brick Road,

Lennon Lee Hartmann+Julian Lichtmannegger+Richard Telegdy

The main intervention creates a menu of spacial conditions overlaying functions with the existing built structures. Thus creating temporary environments for different activities all throughout the plot, depending on the day, week or season. Yellow Brick Road,

Kingsbridge Armory,

Rustam Domullojonov+Florjan Plepi+Mateo Penafiel

Biophilic Design as a tool well-being enhancement seeking to re-connect the human being to the nature. While treating the Urban Food Production Industry as a social and economic change tool. Kingsbridge Armory,

Tranquilizing the void,

Xavier Arés+Juan Pablo López+Koh Noguchi

Embracing Tokyo’s ever-changing landscape, our project introduces a portable meditation chamber, echoing a traditional lantern. It offers solace to the city’s ‘salarymen,’ with focused light and soothing rain sounds, providing a sanctuary amidst the urban flux. Tranquilizing the void,


Shaimardanova Elina

The “Sense of Time” contest marked the 150th anniversary of the famous Russian architect Alexey Shchusev. The task of the competition was to create a proposal for a spatial art object to be placed in the courtyard of the Shchusev Museum of Architecture. Contacts,

Porto Novo,

Caterina Fabiani

Porto Novo is a degree thesis aimed at the redevelopment of the Empoli Vecchio’s villa farm, which becomes a new urban center and a social and functional “attractor”, while maintaining its historical memory. Porto Novo,

Campus Sergude,

Neuma Estudio+Lacasamarillarquitectura+César García

Through the reinterpretation of traditional techniques and typologies, the proposal shows respect for the roots of the land where it settles and seeks the keys with which to build a new ideology. Campus Sergude,

Mica áurea,

KAL A+KRI+Adrián Paterna Ferrón+Jorge Palomero

The main aspiration of Mica áurea is to reformulate and modernize the spaces of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, updating the public spaces and gardens of the complex. Mica áurea,

Urdin Muinoak,

Filo Arquitectos+Nicolás Stutzin+Diego Alday+Magdalena Bertholet+Sofía Arrizabalaga

“From the top of a 1.5 meter high embankment, you suddenly see the world in a very different way. (…) We are introducing the miracle of the slope, the valley and the hill.” Aldo van Eick, 1962.
Urdin Muinoak,

Housing 3×3,

Lucas Jalbert+Matías Mas

Based on a 3x3m grid system that varies in typology according to family needs provide a solution to a transition environment between free space and a highly consolidated urban morphology of blocks in Oslo. Housing 3×3,

Five stories,

Lipman Architects+Maria Oganian

By creating the architectural design, we wanted to make this structure unique to Bali – the villas float on top of each other, overlapping and adjoining each other. Five stories,