University in Cherepovets,

Grisha Tsebrenko

The project was completed at the Master’s Diploma Studio “Rethinking Basic Forms”. The main task was to find new approaches оf understanding sustainable spatial typologies.

The new campus of the university was intended to emerge along the embankment of the Yagorba, on the place of a former shipbuilding plant. A narrow site, clamped between the coast and the railway, greatly influences the structure of the university.

Therefore, the task was to rethink the typology of long forms per se. As a result, the university building is a sequence of twelve autonomous educational blocks interconnected by wooden transitions.

Thus, along the main city promenade an open campus emerges, claiming to become one of the key buildings in Cherepovets.


Author: Grisha Tsebrenko.
Location: Cherepovets, Russia.
University: MARCH Moscow School of Architecture.
Year: 2016