Mica áurea,

KAL A+KRI+Adrián Paterna Ferrón+Jorge Palomero

The main aspiration of Mica áurea is to reformulate and modernize the spaces of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, updating the public spaces and gardens of the complex. Mica áurea,

Deyna center,

Apparatus Architecture

Following the results of the conducted analytical and research part of the project, we have created a building concept that not only responds to the functionality assumptions, but also contributes to improving the quality of life of its residents. Deyna center,


Pablo Fuertes González

The intervention proposes redesigning and reimagining the Omuli Elementary School, a historic building in the North Latvian Biosphere Reserve, transforming it into a museum to educate visitors about the nature and history of local horse breeds. Metamorphosis,

From the city to detail,

Germán Bosch Domingo

The final degree project has been interpreted as a manifesto of everything that has been collected and learned throughout the university process. It is, also, a first roll of the dice of how each one understands architecture and, in a certain way, of how to focus on the future: how to treat the project on many scales, how to draw it and how to solve it within the limits of the educational field.

From the city to detail,

Jardin d’eveil,

Semper Vera (Elias Vogel+Duc Truong)

The existing school with its strong presence with a massive white rock base and an attic carefully designed in “Hauterive” stone is part of the heritage and history of Neuchâtel. One of the main challenges is to showcase it and increase its visibility. Jardin d’eveil,

Weaving factory and vocational school,

Fanny Stevens+Stéphane Montbel

There are only two factories of this type in France at the moment, this third would be for Maurs the opportunity to welcome new artisans and students who will find a boarding school associated with the lycée. This multiplicity of programs will be the means to expand Tissage Morin but will also give a real added value to this municipality specialized in the cultivation of flax.

Weaving factory and vocational school,

Reading between the ribs,

Aina Roca Mora+Robert Comas Miralpeix

The project is understood as an oportunity of consolidating the useless space near the Collodi’s river. As an element of conection -visual and real- the library is located in the edge of the existing paper factory riverside and looks towards the via Benvenuto Pasquinelli -the main Collodi road- and the Parco di Pinocchio. Reading between the ribs,


Javier Roig Iglesias

The intention of the project was always marked by a specific moment that was repeated a lot inside the building when we made the visit. That moment was how the vegetation, with the passage of time, was eating the building little by little and was gaining ground.