Keeping in touch with you is essential for us. If you want to send us that great project that you have just completed and has not been built, share your thoughts with our readers or disseminate a study and research, do not hesitate to write to us using this form.

Unbuiltarch is divided into two categories, Projects and Graphics Files. The first is based on the disclosure of projects in their entirety, all the documents necessary to explain it, together with a description. The second aims to establish a compilation of graphic representation documents, a large atlas that individually exposes references from a wide range of design disciplines.



Send Project:
Follow these steps for the correct shipment.

  1. Choose the project you want us to publish.
  2. Select the most representative graphic documents, at least a plan, a section and a render or collage, but you can send us as many files as necessary. All documents will be in JPG format, 1080x1080px in size and no larger than 2MB per image.
  3. Fill in the UNBUILT SHEET and save it in Word (.doc).
  4. Save JPG and DOC documents in a ZIP file no larger than 10MB.
  5. Fill in the form below.

This makes the review process much more efficient and allows us to contact you as soon as possible. Please note that only submissions that meet the requirements will be reviewed. By sending the images, each person declares themselves in possession of their copyright and transfers them for informative use to unbuiltarch.



    Selection criteria:

    We believe in showing total transparency with our users. Precisely for this reason, we consider it important to communicate that not all projects and documentation received can be published. Unbuiltarch, aims to establish a frame of reference, a space for inspiration and a platform for debate. That is why the published projects will be those that represent a quality precedent highlighted by its unique characteristics; representation, concept, reflection, innovation…

    The publication criteria are similar, the most suitable projects and graphic files for the magazine will be published on the main page, at the same time, if you cannot find your project or graphic file, it is because it may already be in the same category. However, if you have sent a project that you are proud of and you do not find it published, it may be due to the large number of files that the portal receives, that is why we ask for patience, we will contact the authors of each selected project once published, you can let yours be next!

    Thanks for collaborating with the community Unbuiltarch.