Fire practice tower,

Yaiza Terré+Pau Vidal+Bernat Pedro

The main challenge of the new tower is to respond pragmatically to the functional requirements for firefighter practices and, at the same time, insert itself delicately into a very unique urban context.

A triad is established between the tower, the Vall d’Hebron market and the existing fire department building. Its volume immediately makes it a landmark with a strong visual presence. Nuanced by the porous nature of its facades, the result is a reading of a viewpoint open to the neighborhood and the city.

The proposal, far from being understood as a closed architecture, forms a modular, open and flexible system, built entirely dry. A structural skeleton in which a set of boxes containing the program are incorporated. The cross distribution of the staircase allows multiple positions of these boxes, managing to open or close the façade depending on the needs.


Authors: Yaiza Terré+Pau Vidal+Bernat Pedro.
Rendering: Playtime.
Location: Barcelona, Spain.
Year: 2021
Competition: Torre de bomberos, BIMSA.
Prize: 2º prize.