Fuera del mapa,

Pablo Toribio

The project, an archive of the memory of the landscape, was born with a double purpose: to recover and store the vestiges of the construction of this monumental infrastructure; and to display them. Fuera del mapa,

Hidden Landscapes,

Alejandro Vargas+Iojann Restrepo+Daniel Zuluaga

This research project aims to understand the relationship between telecommunication infrastructures and territory. We understand that contemporary life has caused the proliferation of these artifacts across cities, which provoke both physical and mental ruptures that become a series of fragments that escape urban planning.

Hidden Landscapes,

Between The Gap,

Alejandro Moreno Guerrero

The Grjótagjá caves in nothern Iceland are home to some of the most beautiful geothermal pools in the world, unfortunately, excessive tourism is damaging the natural sorroundings of this delicate region is not the exception. Between The Gap,


Martynas Degutis+Justus Würtenberger+Michael Samson

While discovering the partly dangerous caves, extraordinary spatial atmospheres can be experienced. The main goal is to transfer the identity of the caves into architecture. Klamm,


Claudio C. Araya+Yahya Abdullah+Chenhao Ma+Yutan Sun

A train station for Xi’an can be piece of stone, like a brick pulled from out of the city walls. A building of no time period may converse with the dynasties of the past and the citizens of the present. Menhir,

Allen Bus Terminal,

Iñaki Harosteguy+Gianfranco Francioni+Isidro Garcerón+Luciana Lembo+Tomas Guerrini+Jeronimo Bailat

The new Allen terminal constitutes a fragment of the city in itself, a neuralgic point that intends to mediate between a complex system of relations and movements, an urban fabric still in development and an extensive productive area with isolated industrial buildings that dialogue remotely through of its typology and tectonics. Allen Bus Terminal,