Allen Bus Terminal,

Iñaki Harosteguy+Gianfranco Francioni+Isidro Garcerón+Luciana Lembo+Tomas Guerrini+Jeronimo Bailat

The new Allen terminal constitutes a fragment of the city in itself, a neuralgic point that intends to mediate between a complex system of relations and movements, an urban fabric still in development and an extensive productive area with isolated industrial buildings that dialogue remotely through of its typology and tectonics.

The project strives to solve a highly complex urban facility through a large unified roof as a synthesis resulting from a precise geometry that reinterprets the typological character of the neighboring industrial buildings. A flexible system of light vaults at 45 degrees will be the genesis of the project, generating a light, ethereal and dynamic surface that seeks to link the subsystems of the city in an orderly fashion and establish an integrating precedent for the sector.

The new roof for the Allen terminal is lifted off the ground by levitating over the different flows and intensities that comprise it, remaining as an autonomous and independent piece in its perimeters. Its structure is the result of a series of logical and orderly relationships which facilitate that the notions of flexibility and staging are evidenced in a natural and efficient way, allowing multiple configurative possibilities over time without altering the initial character of the project.

At the same time, it was decided to position the piece on Martín Fierro avenue proposing a new urban profile of great expressive character, an extensive jagged façade proposes a rhythmic language of curves and shadows as a prelude to the welcome hall.


Authors: Iñaki Harosteguy+Gianfranco Francioni+Isidro Garcerón+Luciana Lembo+Tomas Guerrini+Jeronimo Bailat
Location: Allen, Argentina.
Year: 2020
Competition: Allen Bus Terminal Competition.
Prize: Mention.