Strings of life,

Spazio Ripetibile (Matteo Dossetto)

The design of the proposal is totally focused on energy recovery and its uses.

From trash, divided by biomass, recycling and burnable garbage, the incinerator and the biomass plant will produce a huge amount of energy that will serve for the city but also for a vertical farm, that could produce about 1,000 tons/ year of fresh foods for Detroiters.

The economy circle is closed by delivery network and the market in the food hub where people can buy km0 foods. Rider network, in particular, will exchange foods for trash that can be brought again to the facilities, developing other energy and restarting the circle. Design choices, remembering that the project is based on industrial reuse, aim to give back to the community two landmarks of the neighbourhood and, in general, of the city of Detroit.

The food hub will be reduced to its structural skeleton, creating a green core inside a shining glass box where people will able to work, developing social network, do groceries. The incinerator, instead, will be dedicated on the ground floor to processing and burning trash.

The roofs, instead, are designed to be a huge sports, cultural park. Many activities are developed inside from basketball fields to archery, but also bars, gym, and a very particular street art museum put on the roof (“I took the streets on the rooftop”), to testimony the street and hip hop soul of Detroit.


Author: Spazio Ripetibile (Matteo Dossetto).
Location: Detroit, United States.
University: Politecnico di Torino, Lawrence Tech University.
Year: 2021