Kingsbridge Armory,

Rustam Domullojonov+Florjan Plepi+Mateo Penafiel

Biophilic Design as a tool well-being enhancement seeking to re-connect the human being to the nature. While treating the Urban Food Production Industry as a social and economic change tool. Kingsbridge Armory,

Campus Sergude,

Neuma Estudio+Lacasamarillarquitectura+César García

Through the reinterpretation of traditional techniques and typologies, the proposal shows respect for the roots of the land where it settles and seeks the keys with which to build a new ideology. Campus Sergude,

Entre dos mares,

Adrián M. Maldonado

With the construction of an agricultural research center, the aim is to change the paradigm of the use of greenhouses, going from being understood as a place of cultivation and exploitation, to an opportunity for teaching and experimentation. Entre dos mares,


4051+ORTUS+Giorgio Azzariti+Edoardo Cappella

MAXXI Hub is a proposal for the Grande MAXXI International Competition in Rome, awarded with an honourable mention by the jury. MAXXI Hub,

Adaptable form,

Marta Balea+David Cuadrada+Pol Garcia

By studying the way ruled surfaces are made, we came up with a formwork made of wood sections that would allow us to construct a finite number of concrete pieces to create a space. Adaptable form,