Two squares one community,

E-Merge Architecture

The design competition run by the community of Fara Olivana con Sola aims to redefine specific public open spaces of the zone to promote and strengthen a unified vision of its two centres.

In this proposal the rich, historical heritage of the place, as well as the area’s agricultural roots worked as inspiration for restoring the community’s rural identity, with the aim of creating activities/initiatives linked to sustainable, cultural tourism.

For each of the two squares common targeted steps are taken to tackle the current weak points: elimination/relocation of the existing parking slots/car circulation in the square, design of green islands of diverse qualities with a selection of medium/high plants and herbs contributing to the restoration of the rural and agricultural charm of the urban centre, reintroduction of the playful water element in the form of canal/fountain referencing the historical canals of the zone.


Author: E-Merge Architecture.
Location: Fara Oliviana, Italy.
Year: 2023
Competition: Un progetto per unire due piazze – una comunità.
2nd prize.