Parque Salguero,

Bernardo Rosello+Iñaki Harosteguy+Gianfranco Francioni+Isidro Garcerón

Parque Salguero presents a unique opportunity to refound an autonomous, isolated and fragmented fragment of the city, but with great development and landscape potential.

The REFOUNDATION (01) as a starting point, and in the same way that the Romans did when founding new military camps in unpopulated territories, two foundational axes (01) are established perpendicular to each other, directly linking fragments of the urban landscape that are currently distanced . The PORT-AIRPORT horizontal axis is directly rooted in the infrastructural radicalism of the Aeroparque takeoff runway and heads towards the New Port, establishing, with its position, a precise limit to the artificial development of the city built in order to free up fertile land. for the creation of a new coastal ecosystem on the banks of the river.

The perpendicular CITY-RIVER axis is physically and visually projected through an abstract and indeterminate LINEAR INFRASTRUCTURE (02). “Muelle Argentina”, a leisure line, is a public, socio-cultural space of the present and, at the same time, a support for the program of the future. It is imposed, it is the event and the platform for the event. The contemporary pedestrian and the imaginary viewpoint. It will be in charge of linking and relating the City of Buenos Aires with the Río de La Plata, establishing a definitive change of direction by repositioning the gaze over the water towards the horizon.

GRILLA NEUTRA/MIXED USE (03): an indeterminate spatio-temporal support, “a flat horizontal plane”, a random order that waits to be defined by a need not yet crystallized; admitting quality architectural pieces; a support that relates the building artifacts, generating a fragment of the city on a pedestrian scale, of public predominance, available to alternative mobilities yet to be invented; An unprecedented neighborhood for the city.


Authors: Bernardo Rosello+Iñaki Harosteguy+Gianfranco Francioni+Isidro Garcerón.
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Year: 2020
Competition: Concurso Parque Salguero.
Honorable mention.