Borde urbano,

Jorge Morales Ahués

The proposal is framed within the theme of pavilions as an exhibition format for universal expositions and derives its focus from the relationship that exists between the deployment of these large buildings and the context in which they are located. Borde urbano,


Andrea Leal Santillan

This project consists of short-term shelters to host scientists, researchers, photographers, environmental specialists, or any nature enthusiast during the busiest season of migration and breeding of birds. Contemplar,



In this intervention, the existing state is interpreted without any ethical judgments, duality is recognized as a significant quality, an important part of the mysterious and attractive atmosphere of the place. Marginalis,


Claudio C. Araya+Nada Asadullah+Laura Catra

From the strategies of the OASIS, and the archetypes of the SOUK and SAHN, a hybrid system is developed, both user-focused and environmentally sustainable. Wahat,

Logistics Hub,

Marcel Xalabarder+Xuan Yin

The regeneration of the coastal area of Barcelona and its metropolitan area has been one of the most paradigmatic recent urban transformations. The recovery of the maritime space has had an impact on the fitting out of the beaches and the construction of a new seafront, but it has also been notable in the improvement of the innermost urban fabrics.

Logistics Hub,

The Thin Thing,

AFAB(Aitor Frías+Joaquin Perailes)+Montse Solano

Is a line with a special geometry. It is a pavilion capable of adapting to the Largo de São João square in a particular way, and generating all new ways of walking and inhabiting it. It is a pavilion with a tower from the square, and a lighthouse from the city. The Thin Thing,

Eastleigh: Formal and informal city,

Antonella Patetta

Between the late 1980s and early 1990s, hundreds of thousands of people left Somalia because of a growingly unstable political situation. A significant portion of them moved to Eastleigh and brought major demographic and economic changes to the city, thus turning Nairobi’s Little Mogadishu into an Islamic business hub that to this day attracts buyers and investors from all over the world.

Eastleigh: Formal and informal city,

Main Square in Jaca,

Adrián Martínez(MAAV)+Pablo Sequero

A contemporary main square should respond to a system scale, which relates it to the other public spaces of the city and to a sub-system scale, which seeks to give answers to the sum of programs and activities to which a current square should respond. .

Main Square in Jaca,


Anna Castellà+Alberto Espinosa+César Jiménez+Patricia Parra+Uma Fernández

The proposal seeks to turn the crossing into an outdoor island garden. A combination of the heterogeneous domesticity of the interior spaces of the island with the intense flows of the street.


Arctic Circle,

OCA Architects in collaboration with Eric Moya+Miquel Pérez

Coziness Valley Public Park Area Development Project, Murmansk, Russia. International architecture and urban design competition for the construction of the largest urban park in the Arctic Circle.

Arctic Circle,