Urban vision,

Sam Hosseini+Laura Fleischhacker

We don’t want to make Neighborhood new, we want to keep it going!

Milbertshofen is located a good 5 km north of Munich’s old town and is and is framed by very busy roads. The Mittlerer Ring acts as a barrier to the city center due to its heavy traffic volume as a barrier to the city center. In order to be able to guarantee meeting places on the pedestrian level we need spaces that are versatile in their use and flexible in their and can flexibly respond to the needs of the residents.

The following three locations are activated in order to make Milbertshofen more livable and resilient. On the former asphalted Rewe parking lot on Petuelring a large building complex is being developed with residential, commercial and services for everyday needs. The building has high density thanks to its size, and the range of uses is and is adaptable in its range of uses. In addition, the new building marks the entrance to Milbertshofen. Curt-Mezger-Platz will be spatially redefined by the extension of the the extension of the Kulturhaus and the student dormitory. and can be structured by the new composition of the building structures can promote more participation in the neighborhood

The former green space at Korbinianplatz will be transformed into a lively space that can offer a consumption-free and active stay can offer. Above it on an elevated structure, there will there will be affordable and modular living space. On the first floor should be space for communication, movement and knowledge. In addition, the open spaces created on the first floor are not structurally are not structurally fixed, but can be filled further and filled differently in the future.


Authors: Sam Hosseini+Laura Fleischhacker.
Location: Munich, Germany.
University: Munich University of Applied Sciences.
Year: 2022