Mirador Saná,

Alejandro García+Gabriela Rueda+Juan David Melo

The project wants to give prominence to the landscape, generating various sensations and experiences through the senses.

Our project is called Mirador Saná or feeling in Muisca. This is because the project seeks to generate sensations and experiences through feeling a landscape instead of just looking at it.

The landscape is directly related to the act of observing, even more so when it is observed from the welcome provided by a structure where it is exalted. Although the visual act is predominant, the landscape is composed of other experiences, their smells, textures and sounds.

This project is an ode to Bogotá and its region, giving prominence to those elements that complete the landscape experience. The savannah and the city, along with its impressive visuals, have other characteristics, such as its cold and humidity reflected in the entrance pavilion, the power of its winds, harnessed in the sound façade, and its torrential rains that sing to us from the roof. In this project we intend not only to take advantage of the views, but also to accompany them with experiences that allow us to admire the landscape beyond the gaze.


Authors: Alejandro García+Gabriela Rueda+Juan David Melo.
Location: Bogota, Colombia.
University: Universidad de los Andes.
Year: 2021