Moljaninovo School,

Kaliagin Sergei

¿What is the minimum required for the educational process? What is the role in it is the teacher playing? What won’t they teach you at school?

By answering these questions, we realized: community of teachers and students – this is already a school, like those that were in antiquity or Middle Ages. Today there is inequality between social groups in the opportunity to receive knowledge.


Knowledge should not be accessible only to a narrow circle people, but should be generally accepted value. Free access to educational programs also will create a new form of social interactions: joint study. School in the city area will play the role of a “generator”.

Similar to cultural centers and offices the structure of the school encouraged reasoning about the difference between these concepts. School for us is not only students and teachers, but also some common problem and “cloud of meanings” around her.

Our school is an aggregator of communities, internally firmly connected organization that aims to the purpose of joint research, interdisciplinary dialogue between representatives of communities in search answers to modern questions.


Author: Kaliagin Sergei.
Location: Moscow, Russia.
University: Moscow architectural institute.
Year: 2023