Lara Llop+Mercé Solar+Genoveva Carrión

¿How to take advantage of all the morphological changes that the city undergoes?

Donna Haraway, biologist and philosopher, introduces to us the critical and political figure of the Chthulucene, through it she seeks to illustrate the hierarchical exceptionalism of humans in relation to the rest of the biosphere. Haraway’s Chthulucene proposes a “tentacular” way of thinking that dissolves the hierarchy of the cosmological order. This new paradigm, along with the theories of Stefano Mancuso and his Vegetal Revolution, infiltrates the design scene and its speculations about the city. It is also imposing the need to activate consciousness and gather different voices capable of creating an open and easily reprogrammable narrative.

Cosmological horizontality reaches the city, and the nucleus are completely atomized and scattered throughout a city full of voids capable of hosting MOVEMENT.
From MOVEMENT, we aim to offer a possible answer to the question: How to take advantage of all the morphological changes that the city undergoes?
A mountain in the city for every earth movement that occurs in it, until total naturalization is achieved, with a replicable strategy. MOVEMENT Nº.1, 2, 3…X

Facing the current context of a climate emergency, MOVEMENT No.1 provides:
1_ Shaded spaces that reduce the “heat island” effect.
2_ Reduction of temperature by 2-4°C through meadow evapotranspiration and misting irrigation.
3_ Promotion of urban biodiversity through the planting of nectar-rich meadows attractive to pollinating insects, butterflies, and their predators.
4_ CO2 sink: 548 kg of CO2 per year. New city models and new values are possible, and MOVEMENT No.1 in its curatorial program will address the movement that experience contemporary society today: GENERATIONAL MOVEMENT, INTERSPECIES, CULTURAL, CLASS, GENDER, DOMESTIC…


Authors: Lara Llop+Mercé Solar+Genoveva Carrión.
Location: Valencia, Spain.
Year: 2023
Competition: TAC Festival.