Yellow Brick Road,

Lennon Lee Hartmann+Julian Lichtmannegger+Richard Telegdy

The main intervention creates a menu of spacial conditions overlaying functions with the existing built structures. Thus creating temporary environments for different activities all throughout the plot, depending on the day, week or season. Yellow Brick Road,

Tranquilizing the void,

Xavier Arés+Juan Pablo López+Koh Noguchi

Embracing Tokyo’s ever-changing landscape, our project introduces a portable meditation chamber, echoing a traditional lantern. It offers solace to the city’s ‘salarymen,’ with focused light and soothing rain sounds, providing a sanctuary amidst the urban flux. Tranquilizing the void,


Shaimardanova Elina

The “Sense of Time” contest marked the 150th anniversary of the famous Russian architect Alexey Shchusev. The task of the competition was to create a proposal for a spatial art object to be placed in the courtyard of the Shchusev Museum of Architecture. Contacts,

Urdin Muinoak,

Filo Arquitectos+Nicolás Stutzin+Diego Alday+Magdalena Bertholet+Sofía Arrizabalaga

“From the top of a 1.5 meter high embankment, you suddenly see the world in a very different way. (…) We are introducing the miracle of the slope, the valley and the hill.” Aldo van Eick, 1962.
Urdin Muinoak,

Logroño 1:2,

Shira Eliash+Liran Messer

Logroño 1:2 is a device for viewing the city. Not an architecture in itself, but rather a representation of architecture – an architectural model which calls residents and visitors to actively view their city and its urban spaces. Logroño 1:2,

Spain Pavilion EXPO 2020,


Perhaps what we have been clearer from the beginning, and what we have always tended without any discussion, is that the Spanish Pavilion does not look like a building, that it clearly is not a building, but that it is what it really is and It has to be: a temporary pavilion for a universal Expo. Spain Pavilion EXPO 2020,


Do buro

Is a mobile infrastructure facility that can be used by visitors of the music festival . It serves as a mobile shelter and is arranged on the principle of a palanquin or a portmanteau. Seda,

Genius loci,

Grisha Tsebrenko+Anton Arkhipov

The participants of the architectural competition were asked to create/demonstrate/formalize/discover/invent a Genius Loci for a (at first glance, unremarkable) site on the banks of the Kan River.. Genius loci,


Ezequiel González+Elías Siri

It carries a very strong symbology about the nomadic, a way of life that has been part of the history of humanity since time immemorial, which, transferred to funerary architecture, poses an alternative perspective of death and the way it is faced. Monumenta,


Sílvia Prujà+Miquel Pérez+Eric Moya

La luz ha impactado en el paisaje de La Garrotxa que, movido por su presencia, ha materializado un ascenso físico literal, la gravedad es superada por la fuerza de la luz, dando lugar a un nuevo espacio de encuentro. Tèmenos,

The Gateway,

SP architecture workshop

Our aim is to contemplate the environment from a different point of view and to transform an unusual site into a thriving destination, drawing unexpected connections towards, around and beyond the space. The Gateway,

Around the sun,

Ana Lahoz Navarro+Sandra S. Marco

Embraced by an Ebro meander, in front of the almost infinite rhythmic landscape drawn by the vineyards of Viña Lanciano, at the vanishing point of the ruins of the Mantible bridge (II BC), a stop along the way opens up to walkers. Around the sun,