Taller de Desarrollo Urbano

Pavilion that reflects on the use of the public and private aspects of the city.

Ascenso is a 35 m2 ascending interaction device which is surrounded by sloping walls of recycled wood up to 7 meters in variable height. The external surface of the walls has a black finish, as it was burned before its installation, and its interior is painted in light pink (RAL 3015). It is made up of 10 steps, each with a 0.175cm footprint and a 40cm riser, reaching a height of 1.65 meters; the groups of footprints have a different finish with wet earth, gravel or sand. The tour ends at a blind wall with a single opening where, as a symbol, a bell is placed. The intention is to change the public space, since since the pandemic people only walk the street to reach their destination.

This pavilion is presented as a rigid, stable and simple element that is incorporated into the existing public space. This proposal presents a journey that seems to go nowhere, but which becomes a break from the daily journey. When walking and ascending through the pavilion, the urban pressure of CDMX is absorbed and suspends us in an intimate interior space that calls for introspection.

Inside, the upward sensation and the different stimuli generated by its steps create a place of personal introspection, in addition, it has a wide slope that shows the unpredictable, ending the route in a blind wall with a single opening where, as a symbol , a bell is placed, which stimulates the ear. It can be easily disassembled, and the used wood can be collected and recycled. The ascent is a yearning to walk around the city when people are curious to experience without transiting the city.


Author: Taller de Desarrollo Urbano.
Location: Mexico City, Mexico.
Year: 2022
Competition: Arquine N° 24.