Nicola Donati+Vittoria Silvaggi 

One wall capable of condensing the spectacle and all the gestures of everyday life.

The project responds to the request to produce a temporary installation capable of involving the inhabitants of the Marconi neighborhood and the regular visitors of the park. The proposal is made up of all the primary elements of architecture: the wall, the door, the window, the staircase and the balcony. These elements combine to define an object that inhabits the park, a wall on which a promenade is structured that allows you to discover the city from a new perspective, passing through successive stages. After crossing a threshold, you climb a staircase and reach a higher altitude and then turn around, look out and watch the river flow through the branches of the trees.The wall, as if suspended, founded on a blade of water that extends its sign onto the ground, is a two-dimensional surface on which two openings are cut: telescopes for observing the natural and urban landscape.

Defined as L’Esordiente, the surface becomes the backdrop for scenes of everyday life, but is also configured as a scenic device, capable of hosting shows of all kinds: if on the one hand it becomes a scenography, on the other it portrays the staircase as a theatrical machine.The installation aims to promote not only professional theatrical, cinematographic and musical performances, but attempts to encourage the participation of the local community in staging performances of all kinds that can satisfy the desire to be not only participants, but also protagonists of your city.


Authors: Nicola Donati+Vittoria Silvaggi.
Location: Rome Italy.
Year: 2023
Competition: FAR (Festival dell’architettura di Roma).