Espacio emergente,

Yulissa Guillén+Romeo Hernández+Moises Domínguez+Jonathan Popomeyá

Emerging space as an element of protection, periodic stay and food for the relatives of patients in public hospitals.

Ensuring the health of patients within a hospital is as important as caring for the health of family members who are outside the hospitals and who live in unsanitary conditions and under the protection of weather conditions. In Tuxtla Gutiérrez hundreds of people are waiting for news about their relatives, there are 3 public hospitals with the highest number of calls in the municipality, among them are the Regional General Hospital, Hospital No. 2 IMSS and Hospital Dr. Jesús Gilberto Gómez Maza, who receives the largest number of local and foreign patients. That is why it is not only necessary to think and act about the Gómez Maza Hospital, but also about all public hospitals where a decent space is required for the stay of the relatives of those hospitalized.

The model is designed in a modular way based on a 0.75×0.75m grid to exploit its flexibility in sizes and materials, in addition to its easy maintenance, assembly and disassembly, thanks to an assembly system that does not require complex tools and that allows it to be transportable and easily replicated in other hospitals that also need a solution to the user’s needs.

They play an important role in the proposal, rain gardens to avoid flooding in an area that suffers from this situation in the rainy season, materials such as reeds to avoid caloric incidence, jute as a material for separations, plant barriers to create microclimates in a place which is affected by direct sunlight, in addition the modulation allows other types of eco-techniques to be used for other climatic conditions.

The main material (wood) was chosen taking into account that it is a durable material, flexible in its uses and allows the module to be modified without complex tools.

The module is replicated to form a rest space, a cafeteria, bathrooms for women and men, a recreation space for everyone and a Wi-Fi area, also conditioned for work and a space for spirituality for the person who uses it. need.

Constructive process
Being an assembly-based process, it is very intuitive, saving time and money by modulating the parts used in the model.


Authors: Yulissa Guillén+Romeo Hernández+Moises Domínguez+Jonathan Popomeyá.
Location: Chiapas, Mexico.
University: Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas.
Year: 2022
Competition: Espacio emergente temporal al exterior de los hospitales públicos del estado de Chiapas.
3r place.