Do buro

Is a mobile infrastructure facility that can be used by visitors of the music festival . It serves as a mobile shelter and is arranged on the principle of a palanquin or a portmanteau.

The annual SIGNAL music festival takes place in the Nikola-Lenivets Art Park. For one of these festivals, we proposed a project of a mobile shelter, which can be used by anyone, who  finds a team of like-minded people who will help with the transportation.

Seda is a project of the pathway category, a mobile infrastructure facility that can be used by anyone who attends the festival.  Seda serves as a mobile shelter and is designed according to the principle of palanquin or portmanteau. But it’s not for two people, it’s for company. It takes at least 6 people to carry the shelter, and the interior space can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. But the functionality of Seda fully recoups the effort: from the upper tier is much better to see the scene above the heads of the crowd. The shelter also can be used for its intended purpose – for living and sleeping – and during the day to relax with friends or even for community events.

The lower tier serves for moving around (the lower tier structure has wooden levers to hold and carry it comfortably) and for picnics under the shelter, while the upper tier is for contemplation, rest, and socializing. The upper tier has 4 hammocks and a decking that can serve as a picnic table or viewing platform to enhance the view overhead during a concert or just to relax in the foliage. The outside of the structure is covered with moisture-resistant fabric flaps that, while closed, allow you to hide from the weather and, while open, allow you to look around and catch the summer breeze.

The outside of the structure is covered with a waterproof fabric. In the upper part there is a roof lantern. Fixed sashes are attached to the frame at the top and bottom, and the entrance sashes and upper tier windows have independent frames that allow them to open and lock in the open position.


Authors: DO buro (Veronika Davitashvili+Alexey Agarkov+Alexander Kazachenko).
Location: Nikola Lenivets, Russia.
Year: 2021