Pabellón Umbral,

Sauermartins+Mauricio Mendez

A small pavilion is proposed, a space for leisure, respite and decompression, a new landmark of that me[x]tropoli.

A subjective space, capable of configuring new visuals, connecting with the sky and surrounding trees, suggesting new ways of seeing and looking. A spatial experience that instigates crossing, looking at the other, generating surprise, approximation and strangeness. An introspective space, where the tension between the individual and the collective can be tested.

Result of geometric operations, works on the relationship between circles, half circles, rectangles and triangles. Thus also proposing a relationship with the geometric shapes so characteristic of the layout of the alameda. Constructed entirely of wood, the pavilion appears fragile, handcrafted and simple, just like traditional architecture. The segmented walls and other elements – beams, floor, threshold and benches – are painted with that blue color, so characteristic of Mexican culture, from pre-Columbian times, through O’gorman, Frida, Barragán, Escobedo, as others .

The intervention is also an opportunity to transform the urban landscape, convert the public space into an experience and generate new memories, a threshold for the alameda. A spatial experience, the reflection where the architecture forms part of the lyrics that build the city and what the place wants to be. A space to stop, look, enter, sit, feel.


Authors: Sauermartins (Cássio Sauer+Elisa T Martins)+Mauricio Mendez
Location: Mexico City, Mexico.
Year: 2022
Competition: Mextrópoli festival de arquitectura y ciudad.