Genius loci,

Grisha Tsebrenko+Anton Arkhipov

The participants of the architectural competition were asked to create/demonstrate/formalize/discover/invent a Genius Loci for a (at first glance, unremarkable) site on the banks of the Kan River..

Nobody knows about genius loci, but an occasion emerges to create something on the Kansk shore. People love the place in which they, for example, talk with closest people, look out at the water from the shelter, have breakfast at a table.

Reflections on the place become isolated on a possibility of staying here or there. This possibility is indicated by a pavilion, the form of which responds to the immediate environment: the river, the promenade along the shore and the city.


Authors: Grisha Tsebrenko+Anton Arkhipov.
Location: Kansk, Russia.
Year: 2016
Competition: Kansk International Architectural Festival.
Prize: 2nd prize.