Deux pavilion,

Eletres Studio

Pavilion Deux is a project that forms a fine, long space of light, generating great tension between sky and earth, light and shadow.

A project, which in its nature is intended to be simple, but intense. Its apparent contrast of colors (white and black), its mass (light and heavy), the materials which touch, stain, come together to form a fine and long space of light, generate a great tension: between sky and earth, air and fire, heaven and hell, light and shadow.

This reading becomes even more intense when the viewer is inside. An experience that can be personal and collective. The changing nature of the installation itself will cause it, as well as the experiences and readings of users, to be changing…

Just two powerful and contrasting elements to activate the senses other than the visual: noise, touch, smell, Balance and imbalance in a deep and permanent game. Open thanks to its spatial architecture, but also its abstract nature, its formal gesture recalls the union of the palms of the hands, a type of symbol of veneration. An opportunity for spectators to see and experience a contrast in silence…

The installation is based on the approach and observation of four elements in perfect harmony with the place.


Author: Eletres Studio.
Location: Montpellier, France.
Year: 2022
Competition: Festival des architectures vives.