Sílvia Prujà+Miquel Pérez+Eric Moya

La luz ha impactado en el paisaje de La Garrotxa que, movido por su presencia, ha materializado un ascenso físico literal, la gravedad es superada por la fuerza de la luz, dando lugar a un nuevo espacio de encuentro.

Since ancient Greece, society has sought meeting points, spaces for spiritual reflection based on the relationship with nature, endowed with a unique atmosphere. With the passage of time, the evolution of knowledge and religion, place Light as the protagonist of this spatial definition of spirituality, ascension, purity and divine connection, elements intrinsic to the collective concept of Light and the spaces that dialogue occur.

Thus, centuries later, next to the River Fluvià, a new ephemeral chapter of this story is being built, a new public space has taken shape between the tops of the banana trees, a dim light that is produced in the darkness of the Paraje de Santo Roc invites the visitor to get closer to this new moment of the walk. The Light has impacted the landscape of La Garrotxa which, moved by its presence, has materialized a literal, physical ascent, gravity is overcome by the force of Light, giving rise to a new meeting space.
A new landmark in the area of Fuentes de Santo Roc that emphasizes its character as an exterior chapel while generating a new appeal that invites the exploration of the public spaces of Olot and its close relationship with the landscape.

Thus, over the duration of the festival, Tèmenos provides a new opportunity for visitors to connect with their surroundings, a mystical experience that celebrates, 136 years later, the creation of Josep Berga y Boix, bringing it closer to its essence as a chapel and honoring their integration into the landscape in equal parts.


Authors: Sílvia Prujà+Miquel Pérez+Eric Moya.
Location: Olot, Spain.
Universidad: ETSAB – UPC.
Year: 2021
Competition: Lluèrnia 2021.