Filo Architects

The curiosity that listens, gets to hear many times more things than it set out to hear”.

Curiosity can be experienced in various ways since it is the first activating motor of the human mind, which leads us to go further. To ask ourselves what is outside and about those shadows that are seen from Plato’s cave, are they real? What if we go outside to see them?

From this most basic and innate feeling of curiosity, AGORA is born. It is an installation that celebrates the act of wondering what is there? Of crossing imaginary walls to discover a new space, reinforcing the directionality of the flow with a wide yellow vision. The light is now completely yellow, in addition to being a playful element, it contributes to humanly de-scaling the composition.

El visitante juega un papel fundamental al motivar el flamentante y colorido movimiento del pabellón con su óculo central, simulando el edifico más perfecto de la antigüedad, el Panteón de Roma, ofreciendo un componente vivo y siempre cambiante a la instalación.


Author: Filo Architects.
Location: Tortosa, Spain.
Year: 2020
Competition: A Cel Obert Festival.