Michela Romano+Massimo Dicecca+Marcella Claps+Emanuele Varasi+Anastasia Barasheva+Gianpiero Zaccaria

International planning competition for the development of Linnianemi area comprising Turku Castle, its surroundings and the western bank of the mouth of the Aura River.. WOAH!,

I think i spider,

Hai Tom Nguyen

¿What if we put aside the institutional curation of archives and instead archive in a “laissez faire”-way? The project envisages a hybrid archive that makes both physical and digital archive spaces available to the public. It enables Deptford to archive seemingly “out of place” objects, but also to store memories and stories that cannot be physically preserved. I think i spider,


Berrel Kräutler Architekten AG+Charles Wülser

The new glittering monolithic museum is placed at the most southerly spot of the site and reaches out into Lake Geneva to create a contrast with the darkness of the water. Ying-Yang,

The impact,

Carlos Góndola+David Young+Gabriel Atencio+José Delgado

This museum invites visitors to explore the inside of a rock, which symbolizes the solidity and longevity of nature, but also its fragility and vulnerability to human action. The impact,


MOCA estudio

The project organizes its urbanization around two forceful axes and perpendicular to each other. These axes articulate and connect all the pre-existing and condition the distribution of future developments. Encrucillada,


LMO Architectes

The project proposes a landscaped and architectural walk to discover, over the steps, the fossilized traces of majestic former inhabitants of our beloved planet earth: the dinosaurs. Dinoplagne,


Treivas Architecture Bureau

A project proposal of refurbishment of a historical building in Suzdal into a gallery and culture centre. K11,

Aarre Laatikko,

Vito Distante+Alessandro Ghizzani+Fiamma Leoncini+Francesco Martella

The building for the new Sara Hildén Art Museum fits into the context of the former Finlayson factory with the desire to be a usual presence though it denounces that it is the last piece of the urban history of the neighborhood. Aarre Laatikko,


David Hernández-Cornejo

The exile of the silos and their new transmutation is just the beginning, the process of the coastal deindustrialization of Lisbon begins here. Ex-Silo,

EMSD Cerro,

Federico Borges+Gonzalo Camargo

The proposed project reveals itself as a landmark in the singular landscape. In relation to the nature of the public space to which the building is subjected and the changes that occur in the environment over time, a variable program is proposed.

EMSD Cerro,

Democratic gallery,

Dongil Kim+Seongchan Jang+Sungjune Hwang

We decided to make the gallery have a democratic characteristic, which is opposed to elitism and low accessibility of conventional gallery. Inspired by pointillism, which is a kind of artistic method, we recognize a point as an individual art world and also a place for conversation with the author. The gap between the individual points which the gallery consists of induces unconstrained flow and inflow of the audience. Democratic gallery,

A theatre for the park,

Sossio De Vita+Giuseppe Parisi+M° Beniamino Servino

The theater is built in a taxonomic way, so that each part that constitutes it is easily identifiable for its function. The functions are distributed smoothly so as not to create accessibility problems and to make escapes easy in an emergency. A theatre for the park,


AMArchitectrue (Stefania Agostini+Luca Mostarda)

Our project for the Hill of Art provides an unexpected scenario to an already rich and various context of history and pre-existences. Cipria,



A Circle, at all times, is equal only to itself; it is the perfect symbol of equality. No body possesses, as it does, this exceptional quality: that each of its facets is equal to all the others.” Gloriette,

Frozen Music,

Ramos Alderete

There could be nothing more beautiful than a palace of music to crown the city of Vilnius. Like a musical instrument it is located at the top of Taura Hill to expand music throughout the city, making it vivid.

Frozen Music,