Light Underground,

Carlos Góndola+David Young

The “light underground” is a place of reflection and silence that provide the encounter of yourself with nature.

The project locates near the most productive mine on Allihies in a mountain whose context is full of rocks, grass, caves, and lakes.

The building appears in front of a large lake that provides cross ventilation and direct light into the underground. Six forms articulated among themselves using the terrain to implant the new design program.

The meditation building grows above the ground characterizing the symbolic history of the Copper Mines on Allihies. On the other hand, interior spaces are welcome with essential elements of meditation such as light, wind, sounds, materials, and vegetation. Walking to the mine, you will observe the new museum. Three particular blocks represent and frame the history of Allihies.


Authors: Carlos Góndola+David Young.
Location: Ireland.
Year: 2022
Competition: Ireland Meditation Mine Architecture Competition.
Prize: Finalist.