Forum delle Scienze,


The Forum delle Scienze is a modern hub of convergence, exchange and dissemination of scientific culture.

It’s mission is not only to preserve and enhance the historical memory of scientific progress, but above all to contribute to the formation, representation and dissemination of scientific culture as a whole.

Part archive and part laboratory, the Forum is a bridge between different categories of users and between different paradigms of the production, conservation and transmission of knowledge.The architectural design for the Forum shapes to this vision and brings to Rome forms and spaces with a strong identity yet authentically available to a multiplicity of appropriations.

Simultaneously archaic and technological, immobile and unpredictable, the project combines the image of a classical monument with the flexibility of a large metropolitan infrastructure and will allow the Forum – as a cultural institution – to evolve through the further changes that will involve the format of scientific museography.


Authors: Supervoid+Ganko+Latitude.
Collaborators: Leonardo Peressa+Max Lipovsky+Taras Adamovic+Marta Copetti+Emaneule Grè.
Render: Alessandro Rossi.
Location: Rome, Italy.
Year: 2023
Competition: Forum delle Scienze.
Prize: 9th prize.