Dense section,

Aurora Bosia

The main idea of the building is the connection of spaces, it is a hybrid project.

The building contains different functions far from each other, this was the challenge for me but also a good starting point to start thinking and experimenting.


I have sought a strong connection between the city and the first part of my project that houses public and cultural activities such as a library, co-working space and a museum. The path has a different relationship with the space depending on the program and the light. I have decided to propose a strong and symmetrical structure, but each floor is different because it changes following the activities, then we can find a sports center with a swimming pool, a health service and some spaces for an elevator and exercise gym. There is a strong relationship between sport and work and leisure activities.


Halfway there we can find a “skin efte” that contains a restaurant during the day and a disco at night, it is a point of light for the city. My goal was to design an unconventional tower, a magical place where everyone could feel a different connection with this space.


Author: Aurora Bosia.
Location: Milan, Italy.
University: Politecnico di Milano .
Year: 2021