The Public Library is on of the resulting projects of a research thesis on the city of Turin:
“Emergenze alternative spatial occasions for the urban agenda”

Standing above a former railroad, the project insists on the re-activation of such a linear opportunity as gathering structure for a series of potential spaces within an open system.

By lifting the volume above a series of radial walls, the project enables a reconnection of the existing infrastructures, offering community spaces for the neighborhood: a linear park, sportfields, and a tondo as public library.

The circular geometry of the tondo is disarticulated by the arrangement of the main library spaces within rectangular rooms. This move allows a certain continuity of the indoor open space while keeping the potential autonomy of each room, thus allowing extra programs to be filled in. On the ground floor, the spatial perception is the opposite, enhanced by the radial walls and the special circular garden, an enclosed heterotopia.


Author: LUOGO (Simona Belluscio+Ahmed Mansouri+Riccardo Masala).
Location: Turin, Italy.
University: Polytechnic school of Turin.
Year: 2022