Mujeres del Río,

Giuliana Sabelli

Women of The River, an architectural project as a shelter for a women’s organization and a natural activator of Laguna de Rocha.

The project is based in Laguna de Rocha’s Reserve town, 35km away from City of Buenos Aires. Near Ezeiza International Airport, it is one of the most needy places in Buenos Aires Province.

Millions of tons of residues from diferent industrial places and fabrics throw chimicals to Cuenca Matanza River, creating a dangerous place for society. Women of the River is an organization who live in the neighbourhood and work every day for a better place to live, cleaning the river and making workshops to aware citizens from this catastrophe.

This proyect is an honest mirror to resolve this problem. It takes the name Women of the River as a tribute to this pioneer women, not only granting it a symbolic dimension, but also to give them a space to work and raise their voices, allowing them a safe place for them and the neighbours. The reaserch propose a multiplicity of heritages in a territory (industrial, natural and intangible heritage), understood as that legacy or heritance that must be taken as a starting point to act. Their conjunction results in a (re)significant contemporary architecture of the place, emerging with the use of the landscape, the materials, the environmental needs and the social organizations that will participate.


Author: Giuliana Sabelli.
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
University: Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Year: 2022