Blurring limits,

Walk Office

New municipal building that seeks to connect politicians with society, which seeks to blur its limits. Sustainable, efficient and flexible.

The project for the new RAE town hall building seeks to break its limits, break down barriers and foster contact between the Town Hall and the town, be a link between them, creating urban connections, squares, spaces for relationships. An intervention that breaks barriers, blurs limits and generates a new architecture, where nature merges with humans.

A building that seeks to be a benchmark in the area, a volume that is raised without limits. We proposed a building on a pergola, almost as if it were an urban element and which, to a certain extent, is introduced into the space of the main square. The program is developed over 3 floors where a very permeable ground floor appears and as one more space in the city, where that first contact between the city council and the city takes place, in short, a space of transition. In addition, it is a completely sustainable building, made with wood as the main finishing and structural element and a double climatic skin is proposed made with modules of recycled textile material from the fashion industry. But also his own footprint remains green and productive. All the green space that has been eliminated by the footprint of the building itself is transferred to its roof, creating one more space for the building itself.

The town hall building is based on a key concept that is the elimination or diffusion of it’s limits.


Author: Walk Office (Pedro Arroyo+Marta Blanco+María Esteban+Uxía Baños).
Location: Rae, Estonia.
Year: 2023
Competition: Rae vallamaja arhitektuurivõistlus.
Prize: Honorable mention.