Reforma BE,

Filo Arquitectos

It is an ambitious and different intervention, in line with the clients and their way of understanding architecture.

In one of the best houses of Navarran architecture, we were commissioned to renovate the entrance and the interior. The program included an old dream of the promoters that consisted of a swimming pool, an outdoor txoko and a winter and summer garden.

It’s about more architectural acupuncture and powerful strategies than another archetype. Through minimal intervention, spaces are maximized and updated, which 20 years ago did not have those needs. Thus, a different, artistic and youthful project is defined. The use of the materials in their own being is another of the principles. 3 materials will be used in the work with their defining colors: wood, mortar and steel. The granite stone is the support that inspires Smiljan Radic as a tectonic pillar for the parking deck, coarse and powerful, nature itself inside the house.

A harmony is generated between the old house from 20 years ago and the new through the pure expression of materials and roofing. They are similar but contrary gestures, as we have been taught in school, that the new be noticed, but respecting the old.


Author: Filo Arquitectos.
Location: Pamplona, Spain.
Year: 2020
Competition: Private competition.
Prize: 2n prize.