Apertures, Reflections & Light,

Kristine Prochnau

A pavilion to reinvent the world around us at the Distant Edge of Ottawa, Canada.

Apertures, Reflections, Light investigates the social, economic, and ecological complexities intertwined within the expansion of the urban boundary of Ottawa, Canada in the specific context of the suburb of Barrhaven. The boundary – sometimes a place of competing forces, sometime an ephemeral line – is a focal point for meditations on the nature of suburban expansion, and the human impact on the natural realm.

The creation of an architectural work seeks to unearth questions, shortcomings, and hopes that exist in current and future visions of suburbia. Connecting with existing pockets of wilderness, the Apparatus is set deep within the landscape. Spaces of darkness and spaces of light – seen as places of natural phenomena –not only shift the gaze of visitors but also move their soul.

Culminating in a photogrammetric chamber the architecture hopes to reframe the viewers relationship to their everyday surroundings instilling a sense of agency over their inhabited public spaces.
The Project is realised through a series of large scale hand drawings.


Author: Kristine Prochnau.
Location: Ottawa, Canada.
University: Carleton University: Azreili School of Architecture and Urbanism.
Year: 2021