Happy home,

Square (Gleb Goncharenko+Ksenia Zabardygina)

En nuestro proyecto proponemos preservar las fronteras exteriores para destruir las interiores.

7.2% is the number of Europeans that won’t be in contact, not even once a year, with friends or loved ones. This percentage is even greater in France, 12%. Human beings are meant to interact with one another and that is why there are so many examples of communities throughout our different societies and throughout history. Solitude is at the root of many different health issues: stroke, myocardial infarction, cancer and depression. Scientific studies have shown that these different diseases are worsened by social isolation. Taking this in to consideration, the fight against social isolation is that much more important because it is a major issue of public health.
What solutions can help recreate the desire to be socially active and that will help tear down the walls set up to hinder human contact?
Happy Homes is a non-profit created in 2019 by a Veterinary Doctor of the National Veterinary School of Alfort and an entrepreneur, engineer with an HEC Executive MBA. The organisations mission is to conceive innovative house named « Happy Homes ». They will mix housing and animal shelter to socialise people in social isolation situation who will help the rescued animals. Helping man who helps animal and recreating social link between residents thanks to various activities. This non-profit project is to build a first version of the Happy Home through the 3 following steps:
Phase 1: An architectural competition to design the first Happy Home.
Phase 2: The site selection and the construction.
Phase 3: The resident selection and moving in.
Once the first Happy Home live and the benefit for humans and animals confirmed, the organisation will launch the roll out phase through France and other countries.

«I don’t know anyone who never felt alone» Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Loneliness is the feeling that makes people build walls in front of them. Lonely people find it difficult to trust other people. To combat social exclusion, they need a sense of comfort and personal boundaries. Pets can help get through the barrier by letting the person feel what love and devotion is. In our project of the Happy Home France, we propose to preserve the external borders in order to destroy the internal ones.

The house is a mix of 4 spaces.
1 – Private Space. These are the rooms of the inhabitants of the house where they are presented to themselves, having personal boundaries.
2 – Space for Animals, here the dogs are provided with everything necessary.
3 – Contact Space. This is a public space where residents of the house meet, cook, eat at a common table, chat in the living room area. There is also a workshop in which everyone can do their favorite thing.
4 – The Space of Communication with the Outside World, this terrace is adjacent to the workshop, which serves as a connection between the residents of the Happy Home and the inhabitants of the nearest village. Fairs, exhibitions, concerts and more can be held here.

The attitude of the inhabitants of the home (people and dogs) is built on mutual trust, dogs are the same owners of the house as people.We believe that such projects will help lonely people and abandoned animals to find peace in themselves and help each other become happy.


Authors: Square (Gleb Goncharenko+Ksenia Zabardygina).
Website: www.behance.net/square_arch
Location: L’oise, France.
Year: 2020
Competition: Happy Homes France.