Patina Arkitekter+Aske Hartje Jakobsen

Sports hall and community space for a new part of Copenhagen, located in the former railway area.

The proposal HAL.M takes inspiration from the surrounding historic buildings. Based on analyzes of the site’s existing architecture, special qualities and motifs are integrated and interpreted in new physical settings. The building seeks to challenge the hall typology as only being a house for physical activities and instead be a social activity house for the area, which through its flexible spaces and possibilities for division can create communities that alternate between activities and social meetings.

The hall is created from a reversible building system of prefabricated wood and straw elements, which are bolted and stacked together. Inside, the elements are plastered in light clay plaster, while on the outside they are finished with a red roofing felt. Through the hall’s organic modules, the project presents itself as a contemporary translation of the hall’s historic modular construction of steel and concrete. The site’s heavy red brickwork and its constructive principles are also reinterpreted in the modules’ stacking and rough surfaces.

The building’s fenestration is based on a reading of the context with a desire to create a clear marking of residence and the movement between outside and inside. It’s physical appearance takes inspiration from Dom Hans Van Der Laan’s masterful facades.

Through the analysis of the immediate context of the building site, it is desired to create a building that, based on the historical references of the area, the tectonic qualities of the elements and the sustainable potential of the building system, challenges the idea of social and active meeting places of the future.


Authors: Patina Arkitekter (Jonas Landry Brandt)+Aske Hartje Jakobsen.
Website: patinaarkitekter.dk
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Year: 2023
Competition: Halldor Gunnløgsson competition.