Natalia Kotova (La Papiro)

Melbourne is the city of contrasts with distinguished self-expression culture. Beyond the classical victorian style and new futuristic implantations, people’s creativity with their homes is the real and unique tradition.

The current global situation encourages a recycling culture, in Melbourne, we find the biggest source of containers right in the center of the city. Not only are they more affordable to buy, than to rent a room, but also allows fast construction with minimal on-site manipulations.

The braided structure provides diversity in the city scrape, urban permeability, and efficient sun orientation on any site. Containers act as the structure and the enclosure of the system while the outside cladding provides the flexibility of the visual materiality to fit in any neighbourhood and allow people to embrace their creativity.


Author: Natalia Kotova (La Papiro)
Location: Melbourne, Australia.
University: ETSAB.
Year: 2021
Competition: Merlbourne affordable housing challenge.