Vivienda obrador,

Sergio Llobregat

Housing Work in Els Rajolars de Oliva as a revitalizing architectural object and creator of a new agricultural and social circumstance.

“The architect… can do nothing more than rediscover what already exists, intentionally and rationally” (Joao Luís Carrilho de Graça)

We discovered an anthropized footprint as the engine of the economy. As a result of the obsolescence of the industry, a landscape remains in which the verticality of the chimneys, the horizontality of the resilient industrial building, and the orchard are the protagonists. Respect for nature is based on the continuous recording of what exists. Three elements, the road, the tree and the water, as a conclusive object that underlines these natural characteristics of the environment, appear some pieces of urban furniture as benches. The purpose of the project is to revitalize the environment as a whole, it also pursues the construction of a circumstance that makes it last over time. The Ex Novo project starts from the stone wall, the new structure will grow perpendicular to the ruin, thus establishing a dialogue between the new and the old

The Obrador House, It consists of two volumes, the house and the workshop.

In order to inhabit the spaces between the walls, with minimal intervention, the last fixed element of the project appears, the ceiling; a concrete slab that expresses its material, its texture and its dimensions, overlapping the horizontality of the wall. The furniture creates different atmospheres; work, study and rest so that the furniture itself acquires different functions; wardrobe, table, shelf, enclosure and seats. In other words, in it, the spaces to live appear.

The access is made from the back, it is hidden behind the path, and in this way it first forces the individual to contemplate the architecture, and to establish that degree of intimacy and identification with the place. These new volumes are placed in such a way that the visual relationships between pre-existing architecture and the environment, environment and identity of the place are maintained.


Author: Sergio Llobregat.
Location: Valencia, Spain.
Year: 2021