Noemí Díaz Pérez

Invernáculo” is a midsummer night’s dream that anyone could have. “Invernáculo” is a project that generates a greenhouse that fulfills the basic functions of the room that we often forget where to enjoy, rest, relax and let go.

“Invernáculo” is a project that was born to test the ArchViz tools that we currently find, specifically the Blender computer program. Through a utopian vision with a world surrounded by water, a project is generated with which to test different techniques.

The “Invernáculo” is located nowhere, it is the fruit of the imagination through a dreamy position where an island with platforms and surrounded by vegetation is wrapped in colored glass to become the main stage of the dream, the fundamental idea of ​​the project. The dream evokes an eternal summer night or sunset in which to live romances, share spaces with beings we love or simply enjoy our company as individuals while we reflect, rest or read a book. Enjoy with our friends and our family. Value the little moments to live in those moments.

All this becomes a “Invernáculo” with its basic principles that contribute to regulate the comfort of its inhabitants through hygrothermal and thermodynamics used with passive elements. Through the self-ventilation generated through the windows in the upper part of the space to allow the exchange of currents and the evapotranspiration that is a passive humidification thanks to the number of plants that are inside, a comfortable environment is generated for the user where a dry environment that increases heat in summer is avoided, favoring optimal humidity while taking advantage of the glass that helps to heat the space as night approaches.

The result of the space is a simple conjunction of rectangular spaces that come together in a rectangular point split from a glass wall to give rise to two well-differentiated areas: one more vegetal and for services and another more relaxed where you can even sleep. Apart from the vegetation, the communicating architectural elements are the platforms at different heights that allow the space to be used in a multipurpose way. To access some of them portable ladders are used that adapt and allow you to climb to areas where you can enjoy the air currents and be cooler. Although the platforms define everything, there are small pieces of furniture that support the different uses of the space for breakfast, reading or cultivation.

Regarding materiality, the project uses a chromatic range of complementary colors: blue / purple for structure, metal, platforms, glass, textiles, chairs … while orange tones for ceramics, part of the lawn, the factory wall that provides privacy, furniture … In this way, colors become one of the key pieces to find the balance of the project. This, the reflection of the colors of the eternal summer nights with long sunsets are evoked even more and are recorded in our retina. “Invernáculo” is a young architect’s project who was in love while she was creating her utopian dream, but now is heart-broken. So “Invernáculo” is a gift for a past relationship where she was really pleased.


Author: Noemí Díaz Pérez.
Location: Nowhere.
Year: 2021