#02 Uncommon,


[patio] #02 is entitled ‘uncommon’ and is dedicated to Lacol, an architecture cooperative.

Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas said that “in each house the lights are switched on in a different way”, and in this tour it is clear: the intimate, the common, and the threshold between the two, have very different frontiers in each home.

With the help of Álvaro Chico, Álex Pérez, Belén Ramos, Foams (Elena Gámez and Javier Peláez), Atelier Atlántico (Mario Galiana and Germán Müller), and, especially, the architecture collective Lacol, we try to approach the contemporary way of understanding the home, and its inhabitants, expanding our horizons, relying on tangible examples, like a remote Guinean locality, or not so tangible, like the pages of a comic.

We travel through spaces of coexistence, exchange and community, but also of seclusion and intimacy, and that diffuse space between the two, which we colonise with our presence and turn into something more, for ourselves and for the rest. The community is conceived as an accumulation of diversities, of pacts and encounters, which make up an immense and knotted tribe that inhabits unique, uncommon places.


Authors: [patio].
Editorial: [patio] editorial.
Year: 2023