Treivas Team

Living unit for modern nomads that can adapt to any surroundings.

Humans spend all their lives under different covers — from clothes to architecture. These shells evolve with us, becoming more complex. Futuristic aluminum outer shell is juxtaposed with a rather traditional interior, providing maximum comfort while taking over a minimal space. Panoramic window with subtly tinted glass helps to explore the surroundings without leaving the house. Made for traveling, deliberately alien, this unit can be anywhere.

BRB stands for «be right back» and reflects its bold character: the unit is suitable for different activities and adventures. The colouring schemes of the living unit were inspired by geode. Geode is a geological formation in which mineral matter is secluded inside a rock shell. It combines two different colors and materials. This is a natural hidden treasure — just like our unit keeps a shining crystal in its core.

Modularity is the key principle of the unit’s interior. All solutions are custom-made for this space and are inseparable from the outer shell. Materials support the idea of a dialogue between artificial and natural. Textures of wood, stone, textile and leather are joined by rubber flooring and polished metal. Ergonomic furniture systems fit the perimeter of the unit snugly. This is the rethinking of how spaceship cabin can look like: highly functional yet very human and down-to-Earth, the image was partly borrowed from retro science fiction. The presence inside the unit is strictly regulated, although voluntary limitation of furniture and items helps to regain freedom — for thoughts, adventures and discoveries.


Author: Treivas Team (Olga Treivas+Elena Kornilova+Polina Nenasheva+Mikhail Shishin+Elizaveta Shishina+Maya Rozhnovskaya+Arina Chervyakova)
Location: Everywhere.
Year: 2022