Les Jardins Suspendus,

Guillaume Roth

Les Jardins Suspendus are nestled in the heart of a former industrial district of Lausanne, Switzerland. The project takes the form of a comb, extending harmoniously over a triangular plot.

Les Jardins Suspendus is located in a former industrial district of Lausanne, Switzerland. This innovative project is located on a triangular plot of land, a real link between the Rue de Genève and the Rue de Sébeillon. The silhouette of the building, designed in the shape of a comb, is not simply an architectural expression, but a thoughtful response to the specific contours of this location. By exploiting this unique geometry.

The exterior of the Jardins Suspendus bears witness to a deliberate artistic intent. The modenature of the façades, with its distinctive features, creates an enigmatic duality between the ancient and the contemporary. This visual ambiguity, resulting from the subtle fusion of classical and modern architectural elements, gives the complex a singular personality. Traditional contours coexist harmoniously with resolutely contemporary elements.

Beyond its intriguing aesthetics, the shape of the building is of major functional importance. The choice of the comb-shaped architectural configuration allows intelligent densification of the available space. Every nook and cranny of the triangular plot is meticulously exploited, creating an optimal use that complies with the city’s planning regulations. The Jardins Suspendus is a demonstration of how architecture can play an essential role in maximising limited urban resources.

The subtle integration of pre-existing industrial heritage is an added touch that enriches the visitor experience. Elements of local history blend into the contemporary landscape, reminding observers of the evolving transformation of this former industrial district. It’s a powerful statement about architecture’s ability to transcend time, revitalise neglected spaces and breathe new life into places steeped in history.

In this way, the Jardins Suspendus are a living testimony to the constant evolution of urban environments. By uniting the heritage of the past with the avant-garde vision of the present, this project emerges as a powerful symbol of the human capacity to reinvent and revitalise. Through its comb-like structures and its modenature shaped by the ambiguity between the classical and the contemporary, the Jardins Suspendus transcends its status as a simple architectural space to become a dynamic work that is inscribed in time and space.


Author: Guillaume Roth.
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland.
University: HEIA Fribourg Switzerland.
Year: 2022