House in Virginia,

Taama (Alex Tintea+Águeda Mata)

Located on the seaside of Virginia, it takes full advantage of the southern light and its views towards the harbor

The house is designed to be understood as a single heavy volume that communicates to its environment by digging squared windows in search of light. Each space has a different relation to the exterior though in the same language.

Perforations give a different atmosphere depending on where they are located – either creating terraces, letting light come through from above or giving access to the garden. The same language is also used to communicate the space inside the house, amplifying the idea that these spaces are just perforations inside a single volume.

The program is separated in two, allowing the first two floors to be used independently from the last floor.


Author: Taama (Alex Tintea+Águeda Mata)
Location: Virginia, Estados Unidos.
Year: 2020