Intermodal and Service building,

Guillem Molas

The project idea is to stick to the existing party walls and separate from the facades.

The project idea consists of sticking to the existing dividing walls and separating from the facades, creating in this way, a set of small squares from the promenade to the agrarian park, jumping all the road and geographical barriers and taking advantage of it to create a new access at the railway station.

The materiality, starting from the dividing walls of the adjoining buildings, the traditional construction material, the memory of the Güell colony and the deep relationship with the land, is characterized by Catalan brick. In order to adopt a singular character in the three interventions, it has been chosen to maintain a structure of supporting arches.


Author: Guillem Molas.
Website: Portfolio.
Location: Barcelona, España.
University: ETSAB.
Year: 2019-2020