Little Ruined Spot in the Neighborhood,

Piermario D’Ortona

The project is a provocation born from the desire to populate and give life to that contemporary architectural space that is defined as Architecture of the Unfinished

Places abandoned for different reasons (often public works), forgotten and excluded from the social life of the citizens of many cities. Places defined by Marc Augé as the “ruins of modernity”. The ruins of a past time that is nothing but the present. Time plays a fundamental role, in fact the ruins are a tangible sign of the past. For example, more than a thousand buildings in Italy, financed with public money, have been interrupted for various reasons and these works represent a heritage useful to give a better understanding of the relationship between the territory and those who live there.

The project idea is based on the desire to create a modern ruin that in its complete state is already unfinished, but without possessing memory. We want to enhance the beauty of an unfinished space, not complete, which lacks doors, walls and windows whose only purpose is to give to the inhabitants a blank sheet of paper to color. It is not the city that makes the citizens but it is the citizens who draw the city and now we will never finish drawing even if we don’t know how to do it perfectly.


Author: Piermario D’Ortona.
Location: Italy.
Year: 2020