Grid Tower,

Tudor Stanila

The project considers planning a tower near the House of Parliament, in Bucharest. It is a very large scale, deconstructed and complicated site. The tower itself represents just a part of the entire intervention in the area. Grid Tower,


Leone Nicolis di Robilant+Anna Pasquetto

Understanding the nature of this site and how to coexist with its narrow spaces has been a key task in arriving at its morphological form. Shul,

Eko azala,

Filo Arquitectos

The new volume located on the plot adjoining the “Iturritxo” building is aligned with it on the north side, creating a previous space for access to the building, where the car park is located. Eko azala,

Big building,

Marcin Stępien

The main purpose of the project was to combine the vertical farming usage with apartment tower and other side uses. One of the themes of the project is complexity and overlapping functions that give the building its appearance. Big building,

Working gardens,

Dividual Office (Andrea Bit+Maciej Wieczorkowski)

Is a speculative project, proposing transforming a collection of partially vacant, monofunctional office areas scattered in the Randstad metropolitan area into a network of multifunctional productive campuses. Working gardens,


Yan Wai Chun

Population growth and an ongoing run on the metropolis present cities with new challenges. One result is the homogenization of uses and the displacement of certain groups to the outskirts. Our previous understanding of space as property, our resources must be questioned and to be used meaningfully. Sharing models such as co-working and co-living are solutions, but they usually require restrictions on the absolute space requirements of the individual.



Daniele Russo+Josephine Saponaro

The project is part of a large masterplan at the urban scale, which concerns the northern part of Milan and involves a forestation process that builds relationships within a fragmented fabric.


Growing Curiosity,

Javier Martin de la Fuente+Jan-Niklas Klein

Beyond trying to improve an obsolete educational system, the intention of the proposal is to question the educational structure itself. For this, three fundamental principles are proposed that will guide the new idea of ​​education: Curiosity, Creativity, and Interhuman Connection.

Growing Curiosity,