High perched,

Amélie Besvel

Located in the heart of Tuscany, this farm shed is now completely unoccupied. At a time when our world is experiencing an unprecedented housing crisis, this architectural corpse represents a rich potential for the social issues of tomorrow.

Through the utopian and ultra-figurative figure of this agricultural barn, the redevelopment aims to offer innovative and sustainable housing, while preserving the unique character of this capable structure.

Based in the municipality of Viareggio (translated from Latin as King’s Way), the exceptional site in which this pictorial figure is set is strongly marked by multiple layers of landscape. The Mediterranean Sea, the urban fabric, farmland, marshland and the Appennino mountain range all follow one another.

It was therefore only natural that the landscape should inspire this project, interrupting the roof in places, while at the same time allowing natural light into the centre of the hall. The twofold aim of this project is to rehabilitate this structure by programming housing, while at the same time promoting “living together”.


Author: Amélie Besvel.
Location: Viareggio, Italy.
Year: 2023
Competition: Prix Wilmotte 2023.
Prize: Prominent project.